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Floral on Plaid


The story line


Welcome to Enchanted Paths- a site dedicated to showcasing and promoting sales of my vector images, photographs, and illustrations. I'm Heather Wimberly, freelance artist and graphic designer.



I often take my inspiration from Japanese kimono design motifs and vintage Hawaiian fabric patterns. Living in Hawaii, Visual artifacts from throughout the Pacific Rim have surrounded me from infancy. The blending of Asian, Pacific Island, and European cultures here in the Islands seems as natural as the blend of beautiful plants, animals, and people that make up a part of our environment here. I enjoy working with these themes in my vector designs, and find that they are my best sellers on and other vector sales sites online.

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Recent Images: second half of 2013: Christmas images

Recent Images: first half of 2013

Embroidered Valentine



A subplot unfolds



March 2012, using communicator to contact the Starship Sufi Order...

Here are some tips & tricks for using Adobe Illustrator. These are intermediate to advanced level techniques. In order to use many of them you have to be fairly proficient with the pen tool.


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    Halloween graphic from the early 20th Century
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    maybe - the EASTER Bunny?
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    Japanese family crests
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    "Mad Scientist" silhouettes
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    Traditional Japanese seamless patterns
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    (sideways) Valentine hearts and ribbons
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    Summertime mandala
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    Springtime fabric pattern
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    Japanese kimono elements
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    Halloween graphic
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    Shamrocks for Saint Patrick's Day
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    Flower Drum